VeriSM Starter Kit


Lean CSI Awareness eLearning

Lean CSI Awareness eLearning

90-min Case Studies & Executive overview of the Lean CSI optimization method that helps create value faster with more focus and less effort! 

Aug 1st  - limited seats! 

VeriSM Awareness eLearning

VeriSM Awareness eLearning

90-min Executive overview of innovative technologies and progressive practices of VeriSM  service management approach for the digital age.    Free ebook pocket guide.

Aug 8th - limited seats!

VeriSM Foundation Certification

VeriSM Foundation Certification

2-Day VeriSM Foundation Virtual Training & Certification 

Aug 15th  - limited seats! 


BrightTALK The Rise and Fall of the Empire - ITIL and Digital Transformation

Watch replay or download  presentation resources.

VeriSM Poster

EXIN VeriSM Poster of key concepts

One-pager of key concepts about the VeriSM model

VeriSM in 3 Mins

Learn about VeriSM in 3 mins

Got 3 minutes?   Learn about VeriSM.

VeriSM Preparation Guide

VeriSM Preparation Guide

Requirements for VeriSM™ Foundation, VeriSM™ Essentials, and VeriSM™ Plus certification.

Micromation YouTube

Micromation YouTube Channel

Subscribe to Micromation's YouTube channel to hear case studies and learn more about ITIL, Lean, Agile, DevOps and Digital Transformation.


Consultation Services

Micromation consultation services

Need help with strategy/tactics for Digital Transformation, Governance, ITSM, CSI, TCO, ITAM, SAM, Lean, Agile, or DevOps?  Check it out.

Book Free Consultation

Book a 30 min free consultation with me to discuss your opportunities or challenges.

Companion Products

CSI Value Canvas

CSI Value Canvas -  create better improvement plans that people embrace.

Lean CSI Foundation

Lean IT - CSI Foundation Virtual Training

Lean CSI - Boot Camp

 Five-day Lean CSI Boot Camp Event.  Hands-on learning by doing. 

LITA Lean IT Foundation Certification

LITA Lean IT Foundation Virtual Training & Certification


SCRUMStudy SCRUM Master Certification

SCRUMStudy SCRUM Master eLearning & Certification


DASA DevOps Fundamentals Certification

DASA DevOps Fundamentals eLearning & Certification 


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