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CSI Register Software

CSI Register software tool is used to get better results, faster and with less effort. Aligns goals and objectives to initiatives, manages assignments details, measures progress to control the desired outcome and results. Includes customizable dashboards & reports.

myKPI Designer Software

Design and use metrics to influence behavior, measure results, learn and take corrective action.  ​myKPI Designer software tool & templates is used to accelerate the design, build & implementation of metrics for IT Service Managers. Includes hundreds of ITSM metrics.

How-To Publications

Book and software templates teach how to realize the benefits of ITIL®/ITSM by improving your performance using proven methods and frameworks for IT Service Management.

myKPI Designer Software


Accelerate the design, build & implementation of KPIs, scorecards and dashboards using myKPI Designer software tools & templates.

myKPI Designer software tools & templates are used to accelerate the design, build & implementation of metrics for practitioners and IT Service Managers. 

​Well designed KPIs are used to communicate strategy and expectations, influence behavior, measure results, learn from feedback and take corrective action.  ​

myKPI Designer makes it easier and quicker to create and implement better KPIs that help:

  • Make it easier to concentrate on what’s important
  • Make it easier to spot danger in time to correct it
  • Provide the instrumentation for management control
  • Improve moral in an organization by recognizing successes
  • Stimulate healthy competition between process owners
  • Align with the business goals and objectives
  • Drive cost efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Improve service levels and quality of service increasing satisfaction.


​DIY KPI Scorecard is blank template for the "Do it Yourself" practitioner/ expert.  Build your own KPIs and scorecards from scratch in no time.

​ITSM KPI Scorecard comes pre-populated with 300+ KPIs for 24 ITSM processes.   Ideal fast-path for busy service or process owners/managers.  Quickly add and easily modify the KPIs and scorecards meet your needs.

Why Use?

myKPI Designer KPI Scorecard accelerator software provides many powerful features to save time and get results faster. 

  • Expandable and editable metrics database of industry metrics for service management.
  • Customizable Excel dashboards, scorecards, process maps, causal maps and trending charts.
  • Scalable and flexible fit-for-purpose model with hundreds of sample metrics get results faster.
  • Metrics trending charts help identify and drive cost/effectiveness and continual improvements.
  • Process maps help provide the instrumentation necessary to manage and control the processes and services.
  • Key performance indicator scorecards make it easier to concentrate on what matters most.
  • Excel dashboards help gauge overall success in obtaining goal & objectives, meeting performance levels, achieving desired business outcomes and driving improvements.
  • Causal maps root cause analysis tools make it easier to spot danger in time to correct it.

Why Buy?

  • Easy to use - template approach makes it easy to design metrics, scorecards and dashboards - minimal technical skills required because it uses familiar Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheets to provide repeatable templates.
  • Faster results - template approach with methodology provides a path for quick wins - get results in hours not weeks or months.
  • Save time - hundreds of metrics, scorecards and dashboards ready for personalization - save hundreds of hours.
  • Save money - minimal investment approach which can drive significant cost avoidance and savings - save tens of thousand by focusing more on the outcomes rather than tools, implementation and programming.
  • Low risk - helps plan migration path for more costly business intelligence systems reducing risks - ideal for developing requirements and specifications for more costly solutions - does not replace existing IT systems or BI tools, enhances their use and value.
  • Peace of mind - built on industry standards using the IT Infrastructure Library ITIL™ of best practices and itSMF ITIL Library books - an extensive body of knowledge is already developed for continual service improvements and how to implement metrics for IT service management.


More advantages of myKPI Designer KPI scorecard accelerator software for ease of use and to save money.

  • Based on a proven continual improvement model i.e. W. Edwards Deming's Plan/Do/Check/Act.
  • Top-down design approach for aligning goals and objectives makes it easier to identify what's important.
  • Bottom-up reporting of facts, metrics, indicators, scorecards and dashboards provide improve goal alignment.
  • Process and service based approach is familiar to IT Service Managers and ITIL™ experts.
  • Aggregation of metrics to formulate key performance indicators help simplify summary metrics creation.
  • Accountability and roles based matrix models using help identify key stakeholders.
  • Techniques for comparative, causal and predictive analysis simplify interpretation of the data.
  • Method for filtering improvement initiatives and tracking performance status provide a close-looped improvement model.
  • Ability to report performance improvements and desired business based benefits help demonstrate value captured. 

Use Cases

There are many use cases for myKPI Designer.   Here are some popular examples:

  • Prototyping - ideal for developing requirements and specifications for more costly business intelligence or analytic solutions - does not replace existing IT systems or BI tools; enhances their use and value.
  • Lean Startups - great for designing lean startup metrics to test hypothesis i.e. viability of new businesses or value proposition. 
  • Metrics Tree Design - speeds up design and development of "critical to quality" measurement models based on alignment of goals, objectives and critical success factors.
  • Performance Improvement - quickly verifies the degree of any organizational, departmental or personal improvements by measuring a baseline and trending over time.
  • Balanced Scorecards - design and build balance scorecards in minutes vs. hours or days.
  • Service Dashboards - easily pinpoint failure modes and the effects of poor services and the impact to your customer.
  • Process Flow - visualize the workflow in your processes to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Value Stream Maps - visualize the bottlenecks in value stream to identify waste removal opportunities.
  • Process/Capability Maturity - quickly identify issues, gaps and risks hindering the maturity of your processes or capabilities.
  • Cause & Effect - quickly visualize cause and effect relationships or leading vs. lagging relationships.
  • Application Performance - design how best instrument and monitor the health of your critical applications.
  • Infrastructure Performance - design how best instrument and monitor the health of your critical infrastructure services.
  • Cost Effectiveness - visualize where there are financial of cost inefficiencies in your functions, departments, capabilities, services and/or processes.
  • Quality Controls - easily develop quality controls, instrumentation and testing criteria.


Single User License i.e. anyone responsible for continuous improvement e.g. Managers, Process Owners/Managers or Service Managers.  

​System Requirements: 

  • Microsoft Excel™ 2003 or above
  • 40mb disk space

How-To Publications


Learn how to improve your services and processes faster and with better results using proven methods and frameworks.

Implementing Metrics for ITSM

ITSM Library book on how to Implement Metrics for IT Service Management.   A measurement framework to help align IT with the business objectives to create value through continuous improvement.  Includes ITSM KPI Scorecard templates.

Learn how to realize the benefits of ITIL®/ITSM by improving your performance using a measurement framework for IT Service Management (“ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries”).

A measurement framework helps IT managers validate the IT strategy and vision, provide direction with targets and metrics, justify changes with a means to gauge value realized and intervene and provide corrective actions when necessary.  

Based on a continuous improvement methodology, this book and software templates provide IT Service Managers with a methodology, hundreds of metrics, scorecards and dashboard templates to monitor, analyze, tune and improve the IT processes and services.

ISBN: 9789087531140  

Author: David Smith, Micromation Inc. Canada

Demo itSMF KPI Scorecard

This ITSM KPI scorecard contains 24 Microsoft Excel metrics templates which helps to quickly enter and report metrics, scorecards and dashboards, demonstrating many of the principles described in the book Implementing Metrics for IT Service Management.  License key can be purchased to unlock and modify the workbooks. 

Version 1.553

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