CSI Register Software



ITIL CSI Register tools. Give better customer service, faster and with less effort using ITIL CSI Register software to plan, log, track, measure and report improvement initiatives.

CSI Register helps plan and align customer value streams to goals & objectives through to improvement initiatives to remove waste and perfect your services.

CSI Register helps manage execution of assignments through to completion, measures progress and provides feedback to control the desired outcome and results.



​CSI Register Lite is an entry level software tool built on MS Excel platform for single users.


CSI Register Standard is a mid level software tool built on MS Access relational database platform for small teams or groups.​


Bring ideas to life using the Value Canvas, a simple one-page planning tool that's used to visualize and create compelling improvement plans that people embrace. 

Why Use?


Implementing effective and sustainable change is a difficult task requiring one part technical expertise and three parts emotional intelligence.

Success often relies on managing people through influence vs. authority; frequent, clear and concise communications; teamwork and collaboration of resources; managing expectations; and frequent check-ins used to monitor progress and control the planned deliverables as well as recognize key contributors and successes.

The CSI Register software tool helps change leaders determine the details required to manage, control and implement successful improvement initiatives.

The CSI Register acts as a repository for planning and crafting the “who, what, where, when and how” details collaboratively with the implementation team. Note: CSI 

Value Canvas helps identify the “why”.

The CSI Register is also used for execution to track progress, monitor assignments, provide transparency, measure and assess project controls, metrics and supporting artifacts and documentation.

Why buy?

 CSI Register helps to:

  • Get better initiative results, faster and with less effort.   
  • Aligns goals and objectives to initiatives, manages assignments details, measures progress to control the desired outcome and results.


 The advantages of using the CSI Register to effect and sustain successful change:

  1. Improved communication – breaks down resistance to change by creating better awareness and visualization of work.
  2. Increased project control - keeps control to guarantee outcomes, deliverables, and schedules.
  3. Better assignment tracking – understand resource dependencies and potential risks.
  4. Overall progress tracking – understand the big picture status to better manage expectations.
  5. Improved collaboration – strengthens team commitment to work together and produce maximum results and desire to succeed.
  6. Increased transparency – provides instant feedback to reinforce desired behavior.
  7. Scalability – flexible level of detail depending on complexity of change required.